Vapor Blade Provides The Highest Quality Vapor Products

Founded in 2013 to provide smokers with a revolutionary alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Setting out to change the human experience of smoking and usher in a new era of vaping, Vapor Blade is transforming the smoking scene into one that is generally better, safer, less expensive and significantly more pleasant for smokers and nonsmokers alike.

In the Fall of 2013 we opened the doors to our first retail store, inside a small shopping center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As one of the first business of its kind, in a community largely unaware of the advances being made in electronic-cigarette technology and vaping. We took on the challenge of educating the general public to a revolutionary alternative to traditional tobacco.

The general public still viewed e-cigarettes as a novelty, and our initial customers consisted almost entirely of the very few enthusiasts that were around at the time. Though small in numbers, these customers grew to become very vocal in their support for what we were doing. Until this point, they didn’t have many alternatives to the faceless, overpriced internet suppliers peddling cheaply sourced products of questionable origin and quality. And rarely, did customers have the opportunity to try something before buying it. For them, Vapor Blade provided a relaxed, pressure-free atmosphere where they were free to learn about what was available, consult experts, and comfortably decide for themselves which products would be best for them. They could be confident in knowing that all products purchased from us were backed by our full customer satisfaction guarantee, and that our knowledgeable staff would always be there if they ran into trouble. It also allowed customers to sample a wide array of hand-crafted flavors, produced in-house under the highest quality standards.

It was not long before our customer base expanded to include people of all backgrounds. From college students to grandmothers, from weekend warriors to those looking to kick their tobacco habit once and for all, the world began taking notice. Our name became synonymous with high-end electronic-cigarettes, and electronic-cigarettes themselves became something to be taken seriously. Vaping was here to stay.

We cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude we have for our customers – from those first walk-ins, to the die-hard loyalists, to the person visiting us for the first time – we owe our existence to you.

Thank you for choosing Vapor Blade.